Keeping yourself home is key to combating

COVID-19, but face masks can be helpful for many and Public Health 



Keeping aside from other folks is our best defense against COVID-19, but non-healthcare face masks can be a health supplement. General public Health—Seattle & King County reported 166 new instances of COVID-19 right now, getting the official situation to add up in King Region to 2,496. Moreover, 14 further fatalities are reported, bringing the total of fatalities in the Master Area to 164. 


Staying in addition to other folks is our best safety against COVID-19. Still, no-health-related face masks might be a nutritional supplement. 

Keeping the property and avoiding all non-vital experiences of others has become the most important thing all of us can do to stay wholesome while keeping others healthy. When you must go out, stay in the very least six toes besides others always. 

Just before choosing whether to use a face mask, Community Health—Seattle & King County suggests individuals always keep two considerations central: 

People need to reserve Health-related masks for healthcare service providers that are about the first side collections working to safeguard us all. We indeed have possessed shortages of these face masks – and it’s critically essential which our healthcare staff get the gear they need to do their jobs. 

No-health-related mask use (e.g., homemade cloth face masks) does not replace the need to follow assistance to keep the house and reduce our connection with others. It will not change regular handwashing, staying away from holding the face, and keeping away from those people who are ill. They are the most critical techniques to avoid the distribution of COVID-19 health issues. 

Medical face masks are essential for health-related workers who are in close connection with anyone who has COVID-19. We must have our medical care staff so that you can proceed to provide their solutions throughout this pandemic,” stated Doctor. Jeff Duchin, Health Officer for Public Health. “For most people, homemade cloth face masks, especially if well-made and fit, could supply some gain.”


Putting on a material mask may help prevent the spread of illness to other individuals if someone who already is contaminated with the malware that triggers COVID-19 need to use the mask. Even if they don’t have signs and symptoms. The mask will obstruct contagious droplets from dispersing. When an individual using the disease coughs, sneezes, and into a reduced degree, talks. 

“We acknowledged how much protection homemade towel masks provide on the man or woman putting on the mask. And this could depend on the standard of the face mask and how well it fits. Because of this, do-it-yourself and cloth masks should not be deemed reliable safety but may provide some reward,” said Duchin. 

To be effective, masks must be used consistently and properly so as not to pollute the palms or face in the user. And people ought to change material masks when wet and rinsed after use. Face masks that were used could be infected with infectious brokers. 

Anyone, even those who are fresh and healthier, has to stay home to slow the spread out of COVID-19. Each individual’s actions impact the fitness of our overall local community. And what we do as being a neighborhood shields us all. Stand With each other, Continue to be Apart. 

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Circumstance upgrades


Public Health—Seattle & King County is confirming these confirmed situations and deaths because of COVID-19 through 11:59 p.m. on 3/31/20. 

2,496 verified beneficial situations (up 166 from Monday) 

164 proved fatalities (up 14 from Monday) 

Significant Notice: Together with the kick-off of any new information dashboard ( Public Health will no longer detail specific fatalities by age group and sex in our News Launch. More information about the demographics of those that died from COVID-19 is offered in the dashboard. Make sure you click on the button to filtration by “positive effects only” to see era and gender of demise. 

Solitude and quarantine services update 

Solitude and quarantine is an established general public overall health process for lowering the spread of sickness. Examples of people that may need this help to involve people that cannot safely isolate from a family member who may be aged or medically breakable or folks are suffering from homelessness. Individuals could only be placed into the Queen Region websites right after a well being professional with Public Health—Seattle & King County has determined which they require isolation or quarantine. 

Twenty-three people are currently vacationing in King County solitude and quarantine facilities. 

The number of people at King County’s solitude and quarantine sites will be included in routine updates provided by Public Health. Not any other determining or personal data will likely be provided.