La Grande Traversee is a national road-cycling relay for high school students. It was created in 2013 as a practical way to counter juvenile inactivity across Canada. Two hundred teens from across to the country participate in the relay every year. To do this, they train for several months, adopt a healthy and active lifestyle. For five weeks in May and June, participants alternate to cycle across Canada, covering a distance of about 100 km per day. They also hold daily conferences in schools during which they encourage their peers to follow their example, to adopt a healthy lifestyle and join the movement.


La Grande Traversee’s mission is to encourage people to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle.

To achieve this goal, La Grande Traversee has partnered with a large number of schools across Canada to help young people to “Make healthy choices” and adopt a healthy and lasting lifestyle for generations to come.

The main pillars of La Grande Traversee are physical activity and healthy eating habits.

In addition to its young audience, La Grande Traversee conveys its message to parents to raise awareness of the importance of instilling a healthy lifestyle in their children and to understand that these habits are spurred by providing a good example.



The ideas, distinctiveness and personal contribution of each individual are identified and taken into account. Although La Grande Traversee encourages young people as a whole to adopt a healthy lifestyle, it understands that the focus on health may take different forms depending on people or groups and adapts its goal to these needs. As La Grande Traversee develops new partnerships, it ensures that each and every one will feel welcome and will be integrated in the team and in each of the upcoming actions. In fact, for La Grande Traversee, the collaboration of all those involved is vital to the overall success of its program.

Creativity and taking action

La Grande Traversee embarked on this endeavour in 2013 holding its very first event, a road-cycling relay across Canada, with the participation of hundreds of students from high schools across the country. The instigators of this unique project “dreamt big” and above all “differently”, firmly believing that taking action leads to social change far better than just words. As such, the message was clear and strong throughout the journey, from one ocean to the other: leading by example through action rather than speech.

This is what distinguishes La Grande Traversee whose credo could be summarized as follows: to stimulate and keep young people active through original, fun and dynamic concepts.


La Grande Traversee wants to surround itself with passionate people, driven by a deep desire to inspire youth. We believe in the principle of teaching by setting the example and facing challenges with passion.

Encouraging young people to adopt a healthy lifestyle is not what we are do… it’s what we are made of!