La Grande Traversee is a national road-cycling relay that first started in 2013 with 51 participants. In 2014, La Grande traverse expands with a 5-week itinerary between Victoria, British-Columbia and Quebec City. Two hundred participants from across Canada participate in the relay. Now in its fourth year, La Grande Traversee has over 200 participants. Cyclists will complete a 2500-km relay from East to West in about 30 days.

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Press release
Chicoutimi, 20 mai 2015 – Grand départ pour La Grande Traversée : 2 000 km à vélo de Chicoutimi à Vancouver
Ste-Adèle, 24 mai 2015 – La Grande Traversée visite la ville de son Fondateur
Richmond, 20 juin 2015 – La Grande Traversée termine ses derniers kilomètres à Vancouver


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Pascale Cyr, Public relation person | cell 778-840-2733